2008 30 May

Climbing Mountains of Code and Still Breathing

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As I tweak and prune and attempt to make my site (or as my best friend keeps referring to it – my baby; though I think of it as more of a beastly spawn) super user friendly, entertaining, creative, and helpful as possible to those who may drop in, I find myself experiencing unadulterated joy while fluttering on the fringes of madness.

I’ve learned a ton of stuff – HTML stuff, how to make logos, how to use FTP, learn the language of color, where to stick meta tags, where one code ends and the other begins. Six months ago, I barely understood how to make paragraph breaks and I couldn’t have explained my way out of a meta paper bag.

I never wanted to be a techie. I’ve been so resistant to anything related to code, that just seeing it made my irises bleed. Back when I was in college, computers were still the new kids on the block. The only course one could take was BASIC. I took it. There were hundreds of people taking it. We all wanted to be in the cutting edge of the next new great invention. 

Unfortunately, I might as well have tried to turn a housefly into a horse. It didn’t make a bit of sense to me and the lab assistants were so overworked and ill-equipped to answer my remedial questions, that I never did grasp one fleeting ampersand of understanding. I vowed that I would hate computers and all that they represented until the day I croaked.

Then Apple came along and my family got one. During my Christmas break, I played around with it and decided that not all computers were evil entities out to infect us with insanity. So much for vows, but I still didn’t want anything to do with HTML, CSS, or code of any kind.

I finally bought my own computer (a forever upgradeable one built by guys who may have been my lab assistants) and I’ve merrily learned what I needed to run the programs, but as soon as a hint of code peeped its slashy head into the picture, my eyeballs would start rotating in quite an unnatural way.

Since I became the editor for a computer accessories website, I had to start learning some code despite the jerks and jiggles of my optic nerves. I have to give a lot of credit to the guys I work with and for, though they are the ones who prodded me to start my own site. They have gracefully and gently pulled me through the learning process without laughing so hard that they needed to change their underpants.

So, here I am, tweaking and pruning and optimizing my site in, gasp, CODE! Though it’s all very basic – shudder – I still get headaches and my hands shake after hours of wading through the evil little slashes and their cohorts. At the same time, when I see it come out and realize I DID THAT, I experience this ultimate sense of prevailing through the struggle – as if I just climbed to the top of K2 and didn’t run out of oxygen. What a rush!

I guess now I’d better start adding more content and get more people to visit and talk to me. I didn’t do all this for nothing. Crikey …

So, do you like it?

3 Responses to “Climbing Mountains of Code and Still Breathing”

  1. lisatee Says:

    Hey, Shawn –

    Good lookin’ site — lots of updated links sure makes it a happenin’ spot. I’ll be back soon!


    Oct 8, 4:20 AM

  2. Auntie Em Says:

    Auntie Em said

    Shawn, Just wanted you to know I have looked at your web site, and this is so you. Now call me, ok. A Em P.S It is cool

    Oct 8, 10:18 AM

  3. Marta Says:

    Marta said

    WOW – guess that says it all!

    Oct 8, 3:00 PM