2008 30 May


Author: Shawn Categories: Poetry Park

A timid chance beckons
A path yet unclear

As we hold our hearts close

Feel our fear

Dipping our toes into
Ishtar’s forbidden pool

Diving into its abyss

where our dreams duel

Coarse scars left behind
Ghostly memories of tears

Venture to small chary steps

After so many years

Felicitous serendipity of fate
Latently karmic and pure

Could this perchance lead us

To a sterling peace, a cure

Fantastic images tingle
As voracious passion devours

Our quivering bodies know

As our minds gently flower

Another chance embraces
A path yet unclear

As we hold our hearts forward

Face our Fear

©Shawn Shearer

Possibilities won an 2008 Editor’s Choice Award from ILP

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