2008 23 Dec

One Crazy December

Author: Shawn Categories: Shawniverse

Well, it’s Christmas once again and this year it’s been snowing like crazy. At least today. I’ve been pretty busy, as usual, but this month has been particularly busy try this web-site. Four concerts in two weeks and I moved into a cute little house, had a root canal, plus I’m teaching trumpet lessons again.

I’m headed back to Colorado to spend Christmas with my Mom. Otherwise, she’d be by herself since my sister went to Myrtle Beach or something. So, I think there’s an instant ticket to karma hell if you allow your mother to spend her favorite holdiay by herself, and I sure don’t need that. And besides, I pretty much like my Mom.

So, all this is just to touch base because I’ve been so blasted busy, my websites and blogs are just fluttering with neglect and as I do work for an online marketing company, it wouldn’t do for my page rankings to fall into cyber-oblivion.

On a happy note, I’ve been accepted into the Cambridge Who’s Who,¬†was named one of the Best Poets of 2008 and got another Editor’s Choice Award from the International Library of Poetry. Ta-da! Guess I’m doing something right.

Everyone have a fantastic holiday season, whatever you celebrate!


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