2009 23 Jul

Just Keep Swimming

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Since, my last blog entry, life has changed a bit. One of my best friends, my Grandmother – who was one month shy of 102 years old – passed away. I miss her and her gentle candor so much. Two weeks later, the company I worked for laid me and 40 others off. Blame it on the economy, right? Ironically, I’m now sub-contracting for them, and have been adding clients to my list – thus propelling me into what I always wanted anyway.

I’ve been laying a foundation for my own business, but didn’t have a financial net to take the leap. After being laid-off and finding I could get by with some contract work, I decided to give it a go. I’m still searching for more clients and I know my work is, if not exceptional, at least very, very good. When your supervisor, who is also getting laid-off, tells the company to keep me because I’m the best writer on the team, that’s gotta mean something, right?

No, really, I know I have mad skills, and I’m not just being a braggart (I have awards to prove it! OK, I am a trumpet player and we are known for our egos, but I really do like to let my work speak for itself). The point is, if I know my work can speak for itself, why not just take the plunge? I may end up with a part-time job somewhere to supplement a fluctuating income, but that’s OK.

When so many others are compromising their dreams because they have to support their families, or they don’t think they can make it, or whatever justification one uses to cave in and “be responsible”, I can at least say I gave it a go, did the best I could – and hopefully it will all turn out as well as I hope. Just being determined enough to take the steps to do what is necessary to do things my way and keep my dreams alive should be enough.

I’ve decided that I’m going to “just keep swimming” and do the best I can. Eventually, I’ll achieve the stability I need, even though I kind of got thrown into this – sort of. My main point, or moral to the story, is that no matter what, we can’t give up on our dreams. I haven’t seen all of mine come true yet, but some of them have. And I still feel the rush of those moments. It is that rush that makes all the hardship worth every drop of sweat and tears.

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