2010 16 May


Author: Shawn Categories: Poetry Park, Soul Safari

My body, so weak
Weak like an old frail woman
Can’t fill out the paper work
Lines on the page move, like plasma
Across the page
I can’t focus, can barely stay conscious

Time to see the nurse
“Sit here, she’ll be right with you”
Words echo as sounds through water
The room is running in circles
As fast as it can
My sweat-dipped skin looks transparent
Where’s the nurse?
Blackness and whiteness envelop me
I float off the chair

Voices above me, nervous, anxious
My eyes won’t open
Carpet under my dulled fingertips
Am I laying down?
“I can’t find a pulse, her pressure is under 50”
Am I dying?
Where’s my friend, my stuff,
Who are these people?

Blurred images dance into my eyes
They put me into an ambulance
They are smiling, as I will not die
To the trauma unit I go
And I keep passing out
It’s a really bad trip and they keep running tests
Big Bertha nurse gives me a catheter
I pass out again

Down for X-rays – at least it’s quiet
Miasma controls my mind
They find a growth
Where my fertility should be
Never the same now
My mind breaks and the pieces scatter
I sweat and shake
And disappear

2009 26 Feb

For Mickey

Author: Shawn Categories: Poetry Park


dipped in pools

of autumn

Shine with beauty

and wisdom

of sorrow


Branded in lines

of smiles

and laughter


on downward sides


©Shawn Shearer

For Mickey won an Editor’s Choice Award from ILP

2008 09 Jul

Endless Frustration

Author: Shawn Categories: Poetry Park

Poisonous spires entangled
Blackness of thorns
Agonizing sting pricks
Screams painfully mute

Clawing and grasping
Spiked stabs burn
Rotting every finger
Bones torn ripped
Sliced and hanging
Hands convulsed

Stronger survival
Compelling anguish creeping
Deep like sleeping
Turning day dreams
Cloyed nightmares sicken
Insidious blanketing souls

New hands crafting
Dismay chiseled anew
Thin shards snapping
Once again breaking

©Shawn Shearer

2008 30 May


Author: Shawn Categories: Poetry Park

An ache binding the suspense
Stabbing sighs skim every breath
Tears drip through my heart 

Feeling as an eternity
In blinks and frames
Not real, yet the hunger


                                         …and rings

In crystal mounds of sadness
And in shooting stars

And I miss you day by day
Waiting for time to arrive

             reality to begin…

                                      …love to explore

©Shawn Shearer

2008 30 May


Author: Shawn Categories: Poetry Park

A timid chance beckons
A path yet unclear

As we hold our hearts close

Feel our fear

Dipping our toes into
Ishtar’s forbidden pool

Diving into its abyss

where our dreams duel

Coarse scars left behind
Ghostly memories of tears

Venture to small chary steps

After so many years

Felicitous serendipity of fate
Latently karmic and pure

Could this perchance lead us

To a sterling peace, a cure

Fantastic images tingle
As voracious passion devours

Our quivering bodies know

As our minds gently flower

Another chance embraces
A path yet unclear

As we hold our hearts forward

Face our Fear

©Shawn Shearer

Possibilities won an 2008 Editor’s Choice Award from ILP

2008 29 May


Author: Shawn Categories: Poetry Park

What unknown dream
Seizes the soul
Night breathing peace
In chests of pain

Comes into mind
Demons will find
Ripping unconscious
Security behind

Being on edge
Light peers on the path
Where pain disperses
Freshness of body

The waking hour
Is not kind